Rosita Bomba


D Do you know Anita Bomba sulphurous character from the comic strip of the same name illustrated by Cromwell? Well this last one found us his cousin, Rosita, fan of our rosé. This gives him at least one virtue of loving “clean” wines, all the more when they are produced biodynamically.



Dry and fruity rosé
and fruity ...

Grape varieties

Cabernet Franc - Merlot



Food and wine pairings

Aperitifs, Grills, Fish Cakes, Pizzas etc ...

Cultivation: Biodynamic since 2000, double Guyot pruning, spontaneous winter grassing, soil tillage in spring. Treatments combining Bordeaux mixture in small quantities with herbal teas from plants such as horsetail and nettle.

Production 4 000 bottles
Yield 30 hl/ha
Average age 30 years
Winemaking Manual and mechanical harvests, gentle pressing, light sulphiting, spontaneous fermentation, no fining of the wine, sedimentary clarification in the cold.
Certification Organic, biodynamic, vegan.