Les vacances de M. Merlot

Vin de France

A nod to Merlot... on vacation! A fruity, gourmet wine labelled a ‘Vin de France’ simply to avoid getting ‘caught up’ in increasingly restrictive wine administration which also tends to forget that winemakers primarily exist to produce wines that offer pleasure. Monsieur Merlot is the embodiment of this rebel inviting you to share the fruit of his labours. A beautiful colour, offering body on the palate but no tenacious tannins.



Rounded, soft

Grape varieties

100% Merlot,


Clay and gravel

Food and wine pairings

Aperitif, fine on its own

Cultivation: Biodynamic since 2000, double Guyot pruning, spontaneous winter grass cover, soil tillage during the spring. Treatments combining small quantities of Bordeaux mixture with herbal teas such as horsetail or nettle.

Production 6 333 bottles
Yield 30hl/ha
Average age 15 years
Winemaking Fermentation using yeast native to the estate, wine separated from the marc at an early stage to avoid aggressive tannins. Bottled after a short maturation period over the winter.
Total SO2: 25mg/l. Bottled on a fruit day of the biodynamic calendar.
Certification Organic, biodynamic, vegan.